Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 2010...

I miss the feeling of creating something I'm proud. I used to make all kinds of handmade goodies - clothing, childrens toys, T-shirt designs, jewellery etc. I indulged as a creative hobby and even sold the odd piece from time to time to friends or at the local market. It was a great creative outlet and the satisfaction from completing a piece from the conception of the idea to the finished product was truly satisfying.

My inspiration/mood board

Now that I'm anchored to one spot again after all my travels (well for the moment anyway) it's time to drag out my creative tools. My sewing machine, sewing box and camera have been dusted off and are ready for action and I've started an inspiration or mood board (as pictured above). It is my news years resolution to rekindle my creative side and all thats needed now a trip to the local fabric store and we're in business. BTW I'm loving Etsy for inspiration at the moment. It's a tresure trove of all things handmade and gorgeous. Happy 2010 all and all the best with your resolutions this year...

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