Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I want to be Nina Proudman. No wait, I think I am Nina Proudman! I think someone may be stalking me and writing a TV series based on my life, only they've added some creative touches using poetic license, to spice things up a bit. Ok, so I'm not a doctor, but I am a midwife. And I'm not in a series of crazy relationships and I certainly can't boast the fabulous wardrobe Nina wears effortlessly each episode, but I do aspire to attain even an inch of her style. No, I'm more talking about the way she lives her life. Who she is. Her makeup. The constant inner monolog, the impulsiveness, the ability to become thoroughly confused at the simplest task and yet be a highly qualified professional who is completely competent at her job. I do that. I do that a lot! Just ask my husband!

For those of you who have no idea what I'm on about here, I'm referring to the main character (Nina Proudman is played my the very talented Australian actress Asher Keddie) in an Australian TV series called Offspring. Now in it's third season the show is not new, but I'm still as addicted to my weekly fix and I was when the series started. The drama, the laughs, the style, the glimpses of my old stomping ground of Fitzroy and of course the uncanny familiarity always leave me begging for more, as well as making me homesick!

Note: Many of the pieces I covet from Nina's wardrobe and around her home can be attributed to the wonderful label Nancybird. Check out the website here:

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Thank god today is Wednesday, and we all know what that means - Offspring night! Yay!