Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Envirosax Bags and Bottles...

(image by inhabitat.com)

I have completely fallen in love with my new Envirosax reusable bag. Not only are they eco-friendly by helping reduce the use of plastic shopping bags, but they are so chic and stylish and perfect to use when travelling. I always pack a couple into my day bag when I'm on the road to use when shopping. I love them so much when I'm at home I often use one of mine instead of my handbag. They fold up to a compact size when not in use, so are perfect to carry around, and fold out easily to bag that can carry up to 20kgs worth of shopping - thats a lot of fruit and vege's and unique market finds. And with heaps of funky patterns, designs and colours your sure to find one to suit your taste.

(image by bagaholicboy.com)

I can also sing the praises of Envirosax's Aqua Water Bottles, with are stainless steel and also come in heaps of colourful designs. They are BPA free and reusable, therefore aiding in reducing the amount of plastic water bottles used in the community. Stylish, light weight and easily portable they also keep your water colder for longer as the stainless steel acts to insulate the water from the outside temperature. Another essential for the travel pack!

(image by www.ihcdstore.org)

Another reason to love Envirosax is that it's an Australian company run by a couple who imbrace an ecologically sustainable lifestyle in Currumbin Valley, Queensland, Australia. Envirosax also donates a percentage of its sales to charities and non for profit organisations dedicated to the preservation of the environment. Gotta love that...

(image by www.envirosax.com.au)